Im 40 Years Old and I Can't Read Small Print Anymore!

PRESBYOPIA is a change in the eye's focusing system that occurs in all people at about the age of 40. It is a process that actually begins from the time we're born. Every day the lens inside our eyes is growing as it continues to make new cells. This is similar to the way our skin sheds and replenishes cells, but old skin cells slough away. In the eye, all the cells stay within the lens, so it gets thicker day by day. After about 40 years, we have a lens that cannot flex to focus as easily when we read up close. The first hint a patient may have that indicates they may be developing presbyopia is the need to hold small print farther away to see it more clearly. Patients often comment that their "arms aren't long enough" anymore.

If you've never worn glasses before or if you are farsighted, you may notice this focusing change a little sooner. A pair of reading glasses easily helps in this situation.

If you are nearsighted, you may notice that removing your regular glasses or contact lenses makes reading easier. Therefore, you may be able to comfortably wait before needing a reading prescription.

With presbyopia, a patient requires a different prescription for reading up close than they need farther away. There can be many options for correcting vision at both distances. Correction can be made in both glasses and contact lenses. Your doctor can help you decide which options are best for you.


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