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  • August 17, 2015 at 3:41 am


    We would like to invite your eye care practice to participate in a special program that we are coordinating with Pointview Elementary School of Westerville. Through this program, every child will receive a child safety kit. Since many children begin to need glasses, and your office is close to their location, we wanted to extend this invitation to your practice.

    The practice that participates in this program will be featured, in full color, on the front cover of every child safety kit. The child safety kits allow parents to record important information about their child and provide potentially life-saving talking points, which foster meaningful safety discussions between parents and children.

    This Program Includes:

    Your office’s full color information on the front cover of each kit – You can include your logo and/or any other information that you’d like to share with families.

    Exclusivity – you will be the only practice featured on the front cover of each kit.

    Distribution of the highest quality child safety kit available in the United States, which is presently used by thousands of law enforcement and government agencies throughout the country, including the NYPD, the US National Coast Guard, and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

    All kits include forms to document each child’s medical and personal information, including allergies & medications, blood type, height, weight, hair & eye color, birth date, a dental chart for primary and secondary teeth, a 10-finger fingerprint chart with a safe, non-toxic ink strip, instructions for obtaining a DNA hair sample with a heavy gauge storage bag, two pages of comprehensive safety tips, and a chart to denote any unique physical features.

    You’ll receive two of your custom kits and a Letter of Appreciation for participating in this community program.

    If you would like to be the practice that participates in this very special community program, please reply to this email.

    Janette Jafary
    Program Coordinator


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